We are pleased to introduce our company as a Potential Supplier of various types of Spare Parts and Equipment for Steel Industries, Petrochemical, Power Plants, Oil Refineries, Gas and etc. the main of our activities are titled in blow:
– AC/DC Motors, Electric Motor Generator, Turbines, Power Control Systems and Panels.
– Different types of Compressors, Gear Boxes, Motors, Brakes, Inverters.
– Standard and custom-made COILS to be supplied along with full package of relevant equipment.
– Pumps (Domestic and bore hole & Industrial applications). Process Pumps (API), Single Stage Pumps & Multi Stage Pumps.
– Various types of piping, Flange, fitting and fixture.
– Vast types of Valves such as; Solenoid Valves, Butterfly Valves, Valves with Float, Stop Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valve, Safety Valves, Regulating Valves, and Pneumatic ON/Off Valves.
– Various types of Rubber; Bellows, Custom-moulded Parts, Diaphragms, Flat Seals & Grommet.
– Yoke Type Track Rollers, Cylindrical Axial Roller Bearings, Beak Rollers for Metal Sheet Levelling Machines, Ball Valves & Needle Valves.
– Transferring Know-how, partial re-structuring / renovation of the existing lines & Technical Assistance.
On the above mentioned fields of activities, we are representing different reputable companies from Europe & Asia, and it is worth mentioning that our scope of cooperation is not limited to the above mentioned items.
Mr.Bahram Kadkhodaei